A downloadable game for Windows

You're a blue ball. You're trapped in a dark labyrinth filled with ghosts and creepy statues. Those things are bad, so it's time to escape.

Ball Labyrinth is a hardcore avoider game made for the #LOWREZJAM2016 where everything but the walls is trying to kill you. Avoid all enemies and reach the goal, so you can eventually escape the labyrinth.

This game is mostly a proof-of-concept I made to refamiliarize myself with Game Maker. I may eventually add more levels and some semblance of a scoreboard.

  • 64x64 display!
  • 26 painful levels!
  • Several different enemies!
  • Shortcuts!
  • 300 lives!
  • Super secret 1-life challenge! How far can you make it when you can't die?

Graphics and Audio by Alexander Petrov Sánchez. Visit his Soundcloud page for more music. Do you want to tell him something? Send him an e-mail! wren206 AT yahoo DOT com DOT ar

Programming and Game Design by Eric Williams aka Mr. Wild Cat aka Yours Truly.

Install instructions

Unzip the file into a folder of your preference, then execute Ball Labyrinth.exe.


Ball Labyrinth.zip 4 MB


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Made a video https://youtu.be/dcijQLZPII8

Well the features list doesn't lie... Except I won't be able to prove the 26 levels fact... but are they painful? Yes, absolutely! Some minor improvements would mean a lot!